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    Let's stop waste creating waste treatment.

    CHEM.ENGI produce, deliver, and "install" optimal chemical products

    for your wastewater treatment and sludge dewatering.

    CHEM.ENGI is about our lifetime experiment of

    how environmentally friendly we can be while making economic sense.




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    CHEM.ENGI and AMCON Europe invite you to the 21st year of the International Water Management...
    Optimising Sludge Management at the Municipal  Solid Waste Incinerator - Case Study Sludge...
    New Laboratory - Official Opening We are pleased to share exciting news about launching a new...
    November 1, 2018
    STAND F138, HALL 5 CHEM.ENGI and AMCON Europe look forward to welcoming you at our stand. ...
    November 1, 2018
    What is a Water Year?
    Open Day, Brno - 25. 10. 2018 CHEM.ENGI together with the mother Company, AMCON Europe, were...
    August 16, 2018
    The Way We Work Our CHEM.ENGI and AMCON Europe Team enjoyed a training session focused on...
    IFAT in Munich - Day 5  Pictured above: Mr. Takaaki Yamamoto (Managing Director) and Ing....
    Pictured above, Mr. Takaaki Yamamoto, the Managing Director of CHEM.ENGI together with one of our...
    Day 2 at IFAT in Munich  CHEM.ENGI and AMCON Europe Volute dewatering press discovered through...
    The week we have been so looking forward to is finally here! We are excited to exhibit our...
    World Water Day is an annual observance day on 22 March to highlight the importance of freshwater...
    Ninth Report on the implementation status and the programmes for implementation (as required by...
    Shrinking budgets, legal and environmental demands, as well as increasing process complexity....
    In the Czech Republic, an average adult consumes up to 150 litres of drinking water per day. In...
    Aquatech 2017 in Amsterdam CHEM.ENGI together with AMCON Europe attended this year's...
    The water year 2017 approached its end. Welcome a new year 2018! Whilst the common New Year’s...
    YESfloc® LAUNCHED AT A NEW SITE Together with AMCON Europe - our parent Company - we are...
    ORGANIC COAGULANTS Wastewater treatment (WWT) is an essential process in manufacturing...
    Polymer flocculant, also known as polyelectrolyte, in water and wastewater treatment is available...
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  • CHEM.ENGI where chemistry and engineering meet.

    not just a chemical supplier

    We return water back into its life cycle.

    Sustainability is our goal.

    More than 40 years of experience.

    CHEM.ENGI is a joint venture of Japanese and British companies who have been in water treatment business for decades.

  • About CHEM.ENGI


    Not just a chemical supplier

    CHEM.ENGI are chemists and engineers.

    We not only develop and supply chemical products for wastewater treatment and sludge dewatering, but also provide engineering support that is necessary for optimal use of the chemicals.

    We produce, distribute, and "install" chemical products for you.

    Sustainability is our goal

    Our aim is to help you treat your wastewater and sludge economically in one of the most environmentally friendly ways. We supply organic biodegradable flocculants for solid-liquid separation. Even GRAS approved products. We would like to stop the negative spiral of waste creating another waste treatment!

    Based on more than 40 years of experience

    We are group of people who are committed to solving your problems, not just supplying chemicals. We have been in wastewater and waste management industry for more than 40 years and that is long enough to understand that customer orientation is the only reason for our existence.


    CHEM.ENGI is a joint venture of Japanese and British companies who have been in water treatment business for decades. After the successful project for the Europe's largest distillery's bio energy plant, we decided to form CHEM.ENGI to spread our solution to the world together.

  • Products

    Aqueous dispersion polymer flocculant

    We believe it is possible to have


    polymer flocculant that doesn't pollute and cost the earth.



    Yes, it is organic.

    Yes, it is biodegradable.

    Yes, it is non-toxic.*

    Yes, it is low-dosage.

    Yes, it works.



    See how different YESfloc® is...

    • Biodegradable, non-toxic*, flocculant derived from natural sources.
    • GRAS approved product
    • Low dosage 
    • High dewaterability 
    • Easy handling, no maturation time, works instantly 
    • Dilution water saving by more than 10 times
    • Eco-friendly manufacturing process, free from surfactants and solvents  

    You should get YESfloc® if you want to...

    • Dewater and recover solids from distillery or brewery wastes and turn it into animal feed.
    • Dewater algae from a lake and return the filtrate straight back to the lake. 
    • Dewater lagoon sludge and return the filtrate straight back to the lagoon.
    • Dewater digestates well and yet minimize polymer consumption.
    • Dewater waste activated sludge and return the solids to the field without environment impact of the polymer.  
    • Dewater raw wastewater directly and remove not only suspended solids, but also fat and grease.
    • and even more! 


    The products can be supplied in 25kg tub or IBC tank.

    The production of YESfloc® adheres to ISO9001 and ISO14001.

    We also have oil based emulsion and granular flocculants and coagulants for standard wastewater and sludge applications.

    *Toxicity based on acrylamide content defined by GRAS standard. Not all products of YESfloc® are non-toxic.

  • Services


    Reliable, accurate, and unique

    Lab jar test



    Please request a free lab jar test through the inquiry form below. We will identify what kind of chemical you will need for your sludge, wastewater, or liquid waste.




    Please feel free to write to us through the inquiry form below to discuss your water, wastewater, sludge, or liquid waste treatment problems. Our specialists will come back to you with advises. And yes, it is free.

    On-site process optimization

    Please feel free to write to us through the inquiry form below to discuss your needs to actually conduct engineering optimization on your facility. We are able to reduce your operation costs especially chemical costs by optimizing your wastewater treatment and sludge dewatering processes. See how!

  • Case Studies




    Contribution to the ambition of Europe’s largest alcoholic drink distillery to be environmentally sustainable.

    Dewatering raw spent wash

    The Europe’s largest alcohol drink distillery located in Scotland has a great ambition to be the world’s most environmentally sustainable distillery. Their bioenergy plant generates renewable energy from spent wash (mixture of wheat, malted barley, yeast and water produced during distillation). The spent wash needs
    to be separated into water and the solids, but the polymer flocculant that is necessary to be used for separation can be a massive operational cost if it is not optimized well. We, however, managed to optimize the whole process from analysis of the spent wash, conditioning, flocculating, and to dewatering for the customer. After our chemical and process optimization, the bioenergy plant has been receiving quality dry spent wash as renewable biofuel. And the polymer flocculant used is of course biodegradable eco-friendly product.

    Flocculating raw wastewater from pastry factory

    Primary treatment of wastewater

    The factory was expanding its production and their wastewater started breaking the discharge consent. We engineered a complete package of primary wastewater treatment using YESfloc® and AMCON's VOLUTE dewatering screw press, which had been working to reduce suspended solids by 85%, fat and oil by 95%, and COD by 87%.

    Turning spent wash digestate to animal feed

    One of the biggest Scottish whisky distilleries

    Due to the nature of spent wash, it is not easy to flocculate suspended solids in spent wash. Moreover, the distillery wanted to recycle dewatered digestate spent wash as animal feed. YESfloc® with its water based GRAS approved spec was finally the only flocculant that met these criteria and we managed to engineer a transformation of spent wash digestate to animal feed.

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    CHEM.ENGI is a brand of AMCON Europe s.r.o. Za Tratí 207, 252 19 Chrášťany, Praha-západ, Czech Republic

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