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Wastewater treatment (WWT) is an essential process in manufacturing factories and production plants in order to reduce the wastewater disposal cost. Factories without WWT technology significantly suffer from enormous expenses for discharging their wastewater directly into sewage.

One of the most common and effective technologies for WWT is flotation, which is a process used mainly in food production plants producing wastewater with a high content of suspended solids, fats and COD. In practice, flotation has proved extremely efficient in treating wastewater generated from food productions, especially in dairies, productions of meat, snacks and ready meals, abattoirs, distilleries etc. This technology is very effective for primary wastewater treatments.

A flotation unit, commonly known as DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation), is used for separating suspended solids, FOG, COD and BOD from wastewater. In order to intensify the air flotation process, it is necessary to apply chemicals - coagulants and flocculants - which significantly improve the separation of solid particles and wastewater. The chemicals are dispensed using a pipe flocculator.

1. Metal salt coagulants (ferric sulfate, ferric chloride and aluminium sulfate)

2. Organic coagulants, such as YESfloc® PG

Individual coagulants can offer various advantages. Nevertheless, we would like to highlight benefits of organic coagulants - YESfloc® PG:

  • Biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
  • Highly efficient in reduction of sludge generation in DAF unit in comparison to metal salt coagulants. Cost reductions for sludge liquidation.
  • Lower dosage, reducing storage expenses.
  • Does not affect the pH, therefore neutralisation process achieved by using toxic chemicals, such as sodium hydroxide, is not necessary.
  • Safe to use in operations due to its characteristics, harmless to health and environment unlike toxic chemicals.
  • Not aggressive and corrosive to pipping and dosing equipment.
  • Does not destroy micro and macronutrients essential for a biological wastewater treatment.

YESfloc® PG is highly recommended for factories with an environmentally sustainable agenda, green Globe initiatives, whilst achieving a significant reduction of their operational expenses.

YESfloc® PG is available at CHEM.ENGI with a free consultation.

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