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· Exhibition,Organic polymer,Flotation,Coagulants,Sludge reduction

IFAT in Munich - Day 5 

Pictured above: Mr. Takaaki Yamamoto (Managing Director) and Ing. Natalia Anferova (Chemical Engineer) presenting benefits of YESfloc® PG a SG series:

  • Safe, organic, and biodegradable coagulant made with natural source
  • Reduces sludge production by over 30% compared with metal salt coagulants such as iron sulfate, with the same efficiency of coagulation
  • Less dosage
  • Helps to increase the DAF capacity
  • Does not affect pH, which eliminates the necessity to use extra chemicals for neutralisation
  • Supplied in 25kg tub or IBC tank

For more info, please contact us HERE.

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