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Pipe flocculator is a commonly used technology to mix chemicals and wastewater. Wastewater is pumped through the pipe and chemicals are dosed into the pipe that is long and elbowed. This is often used as a part of flotation unit or commonly known as Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF). Flocculator is used also for a dewatering device. CHEM.ENGI has seen several different types of flocculators, but they are not used in the most efficient way at all wastewater treatment plants.   

Image of a pipe flocculator

Here are 5 points that you should make sure to optimize your flocculation using pipe flocculator.

1. Choose right chemicals.

Companies like CHEM.ENGI can do the lab test for free for you.

2. Activate your polymer flocculant well.

Water-based YESfloc® can get activated instantly while a lot of people use powder polymer

because it's cheaper but fail to activate it well and consequently wasting a lot of polymer, costing

more than liquid polymer.

3. Proximity between each chemical is important.

For DAF, you may dose more than 3 chemicals. If you dose all too close to each other into pipe

flocculator you are reducing the efficiency of each chemical.

4. Pipe construction

90 degree elbow turns are designed to increase the shear force and mixing energy, but that is not

enough for some cases. A reduction in pipe diameter or static mixer for in-line mixing should be


5. Clean the flocculator often.

Sometimes, solution you need is as simple as that.

We looked at 5 things you should make sure to operate flocculator efficiently. I hope you could apply some of the tips and see an improvement on your site. If you would like us to help you improve your flocculator, please feel free to ask CHEM.ENGI.

Takaaki Yamamoto

CHEM.ENGI s.r.o.

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